Santosh Devaraj’s Cyber Skills Provide Peace Of Mind When Clients Partner With Secure Logic

Digital security is an around-the-clock project. There is no shortage of nefarious criminals scouring the Internet for private information that can often be used as a bargaining chip in exchange for payment. Other times, these people are seeking ill-gotten gains as to learn things they aren’t in a privileged positon to know. With managed services from Santosh Devaraj of Secure Logic, you’ll see that 24/7 monitoring is one of the only ways to avoid having sensitive information ripped from right under your nose.

When enlisting the services of Secure Logic, which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, you’re partnering with a company that has worked with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Queensland Health, Qatar Telecom, IBM Asia Pacific and dozens more. Clearly, these institutions hold highly personal information about business practices, staff, customers and more. Through the all-encompassing programs that are part of Secure Logic’s managed services program, you’ll see that Santosh Devaraj has put his extensive education and training to use. You’ll see how anomaly detection can tip security experts off to unexpected activity. With incident escalation, skilled threats will be appropriately and swiftly stopped. Forensics services also the experts at Secure Logic to track down the hackers while integrity monitoring ensures that remains as it should.

The overall core promise that Santosh Devaraj ensures Secure Logic offers clients from all backgrounds is this: “Trusted experts to protect your information, today and in the future. Consistently meeting and exceeding you critical business cyber security objectives.” The reason why Mr. Devaraj delivers is his extensive education which has certified in a number of essential skillsets. These include IT enterprise governance, risk and information systems control, system engineering and security specialization, incident handler and more. Under the banner of the overall core message, Santosh Devaraj and Secure Logic strive to offer clients straightforward communications regarding complex services, delivering comprehensive security in a straightforward manner and predicting, analyzing and consulting when it comes to threats and acting upon them to protect customers. Mr. Devaraj brings more than two decades of information security experience to the table and clients in financial, government and health care backgrounds have seen his risk management skills in action. Those clients, located in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, have similarly experienced the peace of mind that Secure Logic offers.